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RogNidaan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up that mainly focuses on the development of automated screening solutions for detecting cancer. The first product of this company is an automated screening solution for early detection of cervical dysplasia from Pap smear images named as "PapScanner". This solution is a low cost, accurate, automated cervical dysplasia screening tool that can be operated by a simple clinician. The service of the product is remotely accessible, which makes it more efficient. It is not painful and works for women of all ages. The algorithm for product development mainly uses current trends of Artificial Intelligence techniques,namely machine learning and deep learning. This unique solution can be used as an early cancer diagnosis test in hospitals, used for regular preventive health check-ups, and large-scale screening in rural and semi-urban areas. The start-up is also working in the direction of the development of automated oral cancer detection using biopsy images of the buccal cavity.

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Data Annotations For AI Applications

Certification and Placement Assistance in AI

Providing Goal Oriented AI Based Solutions

Conducting Screening Awareness camp

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Conventional PapScanner

Conventional PapScanner is a Novel Automated Cervical Cancer screening solution. Read More

LBC PapScanner

Liquid Based Cytology(LBC)PapScanner is a Novel Automated Cervical Cancer screening solution. Read More

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RogNidaan Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is a startup focusing mainly on providing novel automated solutions for clinical diagnostics and other real-life applications.


Address: Rognidaan Technologies Private Limited Manikanchan Path Beltola, Lakhimi Path Byelane 781028 Guwahati-kamrup

Email: [email protected]

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